CNC Lathe Machine and How Does It Work?

A CNC lathe machine must have at least two axes. The much more advanced machines, on the other hand, contain up to five axes and two distinct heads, allowing you to handle two cutting tools at the same time.

Although the spindle is spinning, a slicing device enters the product and gradually removes parts till the final structure is achieved. Pushing, twisting, and blasting are the 3 phases accessible when utilizing a CNC lathe machine. A CNC lathe machine will provide you a faster production chain and a much more exact end product since it employs contemporary software applications. This equipment will significantly boost your production, especially if your carpentry firm is expanding.

What Kind of Projects you Can You Do With a CNC Lathe Machine?

Almost any sort of shape may be made using a CNC lathe machine, depending on the industry’s needs. CNC lathe machines are used in a wide range of sectors, including auto, oil & gas, metallurgy, semiconductors, and so on.

They make parts and gadgets with these equipment to assist them satisfy their demands. A CNC lathe machine may be used to make wood bowls, stair handrails, flower vases, and other carpentry projects. CNC lathe machines are, in the end, excellent for fine woodworking and carpentry.

Best CNC Lathe Machines

On the market, there seem to be a variety of CNC lathe machines from various manufacturers.

The expense of a CNC machine varies depending on the kind, but the typical cost is between $80, 000 and &166, 000. Below are five distinct CNC lathe manufacturers with a track record of providing high-quality products and services.


Mazak isn’t a newcomer to the scene; they’ve been there for more than a decade. They are the top CNC machine brand, with offices and dealers across Europe and America. Until then, the QTU family was established to give users with more cheap choices. The QTU series, on the other hand, is jam-packed with style that gives it a hefty cost ratio. Mazak products are said to be simple to set up and run by many users. Furthermore, there is a huge market for used Mazak CNC lathes, making it simple to resale them.

DMG Mori

DMG Mori is known for its high-quality goods and trustworthy client service. Apart from Antarctica, they have locations on every country. The Universal turning series, their most popular model line, has a massive 930mm turning radius.


You no longer have to doubt Doosan’s quality because of their more than 40 years of expertise in the machinery sector. It is now Korea’s largest machine producer, with CNC lathes named after large feline species. As a result, it is the top metal lathe manufacturer. Doosan offers a wide selection of CNC lathes. Their horizontal plane spinning machines, cross turning computers, and vertically turning centers fall under this category.



In the western half of the world, Haas is the leading company in CNC lathe machines. Haas has established itself as the industry standard for CNC lathe machines by producing products that are both cost effective and extremely durable. Haas also demonstrates that it cares about its consumers by offering user-friendly manuals and internet video lessons. More significantly, replacement parts for such equipment are inexpensive and readily available.


Okuma is one of the most powerful participants in the game, with the greatest supply chain and more than 100 years of expertise. Thermo Active Stabilizer is a feature on Okuma’s CNC lathe machines that allows them to do polishing and grinding procedures with just one machine. Furthermore, Okuma is recognized for introducing current advancements to the market, not just in terms of equipment and machinery, but in terms of business. They provide us with a digital storefront, the Okuma app store, for instance.


For all those looking to improve and extend their woodworking business, a Lathe machine is a must-have equipment. If you want to buy a CNC machine, one of the five manufacturers listed above will never let you down. Should choose Best CNC Lathe for the Money with the help of our article.

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